Tribe:Lords Resistance Army

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Lords Resistance Army
- We Are A Tribe Of Raiders Who Specialize In Robbing Other Tribes, Killing Their Tames, Quickly Vanishing With Their Loot And Storing It In Our Safehouses, We Capture And Enslave Any Victims And Add Them To Our Army.
Leader - Holy Lord Elite
Server Name
- Xbox One Servers- 97,455 And 763 Primitive Mode
Dino Ownership - Tribe Owned
Dino Taming - Tribe Owned
Structure Ownership - Tribe Owned, Admin Demolish

Requirements: Must Have A Headset/ Mic And Play Often, We Expect All Tribe Members To Place Their Level Up Points In Melee Damage Only For Maximum Damage Potential Allowing Us To Quickly Kill Dinos And Players. We Value Warships And Combat Tames.

To Join, Add GamerTag : Holy Lord Elite To Your Friends List On Xbox One And Send A Message Saying " Request To Join Tribe"