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Love & Peace
"Only the strong survive"
Leader Xena
Server Name
Dino Ownership Tribe Owned
Dino Taming Tribe Taming
Structure Ownership Tribe Owned
Locks and Pincodes Tribe Locks & PIN Codes
Main Base Location
The Island Topographic Map.jpg
coords: 43.3° Lat, 28.9° Lon

Love & Peace is a tribe on ARK: Survival Evolved on the Xbox One platform. The tribe originally formed on PVP server 210 in early 2016. However, the tribe migrated to PVE 533 after experiencing grief from larger tribes and could not progress enough to get established permanently. This tribe is currently active on its main server 533 with over twelve tribe members.


The tribe is founded by Xena and Nicolai. Xena is the most current and active member of the tribe and is the listed owner.


Love & Peace's main base is located west of the volcano. It's closest accessible spawn location is on the north end of West Zone 3. Love & Peace acquired its current location as the former inhabitants, tribe Sparta, was wiped off the map by a declaration of war with another tribe. Love & Peace arrived on this server during the aftermath. After seeing out the expiration of Sparta's animals and structures to confirm departure, Love & Peace decided to take over the location. Love & Peace's original main base location was on the beach at West Zone 3.

Currently, the tribe has many satellite locations around the map that include (but not limited to):

  • Main Base: [43.3, 20.9]
  • Volcano Base: [43.6, 38.7]
  • Tree House: [56.9, 32.1]
  • Naval Base: [54.4, 13.5] located next to Kazuu's Workshop
  • Xena's Workshop: [43.6, 20.9] also known as the original main base
  • Kazuu's Workshop: [54.8, 14.0] oversees security and operation of Love & Peace's Naval Base
  • Beach Workshop: [43.5, 16.6]
  • Nicko's Workshop: [
  • Shadow's Workshop: [44.3, 26.9] located within the perimeter of Main Base


Upon the release of The Center map, tribe Murica merged with Love & Peace bringing on a new member Apex hunter 301 into the tribe as an Admin. This merge took place in late May of 2016. This initiated the expansion and relocation of Love & Peace's main base because of the larger acquisition of animals and materials. The week of December 20, 2016, Apex hunter301 left the tribe in pursuit of restarting Murica.

In late June of 2016, Xena enlisted TheBigBadBone and BUFY Pulverizer to Love & Peace as Admins. They were former members of another tribe on server 533 and prior to that, they used to own and operate tribe Bonehunters. BUFY Pulverizer was removed from the tribe in late January 2017. TheBigBadBone departed from the tribe on February 10th to pursue another server on Scorched.

Love & Peace is in alliance with tribe The Lost. The Lost is operated by Wicked and Reaper. Together with Xena, they are the founding members for a tribe on another server. Love & Peace is also in alliance with tribe The Peacekeepers, whose main base is located next to Xena's Workshop.


Xena is one of three founding members of tribe Demolished Allowed on server 9**. The server is on ARK's Scorched Earth DLC Map. Currently, Demolished Allowed is owned and operated by Wicked and Reaper. The relationship between both tribes and both servers allows for assistance with transfers of unique animals and materials back and forth


*this is a working list and our full roster is currently being updated to here

Xena Owner/Admin Sweet Alize ACTIVE FOUNDER
Nicolai Owner/Admin Nickoshots ON CALL FOUNDER
Kazuu Leader/Admin JoelsDeath ACTIVE Sep 25 2016
President Timmy Leader/Admin President Timmy ACTIVE
Illidank Leader Illidank ACTIVE
Aceballer1 Leader [blocked per privacy request of player] ACTIVE
Octavius Leader [blocked per privacy request of player] ACTIVE Sep 12 2016
Mad Martigan Leader [blocked per privacy request of player] ACTIVE
Toby Leader Xx ITz EPA xX ON-CALL
Slayabeast General [blocked per privacy request of player] ACTIVE Sep 02 2016
SSJ General [blocked per privacy request of player] ON CALL
Triss General [blocked per privacy request of player] ON CALL
Dev Member [blocked per privacy request of player] ACTIVE
Grimery Member [blocked per privacy request of player] ACTIVE
popcorn43223 Member [blocked per privacy request of player] ACTIVE Nov 13 2016
Shadow General [blocked per privacy request of player] ACTIVE Aug 07 2016 Feb 2017
BUFY Pulverizer - [blocked per privacy request of player] INACTIVE Jun 27 2016 Jan 2017
TheBigBadBone - [blocked per privacy request of player] INACTIVE Jun 26 2016 Feb 2017
apex hunter301 - [blocked per privacy request of player] INACTIVE May 28 2016 Dec 17 2016


Love & Peace is currently open to enlist new tribe members. All interested must contact an Admin that listed in the member list above.


A Discord server was created inviting all members, ex-members, other players from the server, and so forth. The invite code is:


Love & Peace is the first tribe on server 533 to implement Ark Survival Evolved's tribe ranking system.