Tribe:Lucidity Saga

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Lucidity Saga
Tribe Leader: Raptor Jesus
Server Name: Official Server 57
Dino Ownership: Personally Owned, Tribe Ridden
Dino Taming: Tribe Taming
Structure Ownership: Tribe Owned
Locks and Pincodes: Tribe Locks & Pincodes

Lucidity Saga is an ARK Tribe led by the great and almighty, Raptor Jesus on Official Server 57.

About Tribe[edit | edit source]

We are We are friendly survivors looking to make a difference against griefers and to become a force of good in this Island home of ours. We look forward to working with other tribes to keep our home safe! We don't have any one leader, but rather are a community that make decisions together.

Focus[edit | edit source]

PVE (PVP only if provoked), Base building, Dino collectors, Aspiring server protectors against griefers, trading

How to Join[edit | edit source]

Please contact "AZRckCrwler", "CodySeeHunt", or "Lucidity Saga" on steam. Please provide a description of your goals and aspirations for Ark. As well as what element you would choose to bend.

Tribe Island Location[edit | edit source]

33° long, 13° lat
Located on the NW beach, North side of the NW corner, just East of the cliffs