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Server Info:[edit | edit source]


WIPED 07/1 MassivePear NOFLYERS 7x F/EXP 15xT PVP - (v253.9)

Server IP:

Player Slots: 70

Current Map: The Island

Link to Ark Servers :

Details[edit | edit source]


PVP with active & friendly  admins

No Flyers for increased PVP experience

Support Ticket System on our Website

Server Polls run when changes implemented

Community Website for Server News & Announcements ([/]) 

Mods:[edit | edit source]


[/] - Glass Metal

[/] - Resource Stacks

[/] - Structure Plus

[/] - Corpse Finder

[/] - Meat Spoiler 

Rates:[edit | edit source]


7x Harvesting

7x Experience

15x Taming 

Other Settings:[edit | edit source]


No Flyers (Flyers spawn but cannot be tamed)

No Tame Brontos or Quetzal(removed)

Dinos take more damage from weapons and turrets

Increased rate for breading and maturation

Scheduled restart at 7pm GMT (where lag is being experienced we will send out a MOTD advising when restart will happen)

Massive Pear Gaming
Performance based server
Leader MPG NinjaGirl
Server Name
NOFLYERS WIPED 1/7 MassivePear 7G/15T/7X PVP - (v253.95)
Server IP

Massive Pear Gaming Community[edit | edit source]

Our members play a wide variety of games and are from every walk of life and we are looking for people to come join our ever growing community/family of gamers from around the world!

We are very involved and organised with our members and ensure that whenever possible your ideas and suggestions are taken into account and helps improve and grow the community!

These are just the games we currently have servers for but we play a wide range of random other games.

To join this growing community and be a part of something special all you need to do is SIGN UP on the website and come on the teamspeak and be yourself! An officer will greet you and run through the RULES (basically be nice) and we will help you get settled!

Every Monday there is a weekly update given to members so feel free to get involved in whatever way suits you! We welcome casual gamers, weekend gamers and hardcore gamers – whatever your style we have something to fit you!

The MPG Motto – “Come for the games, stay for the people”