Tribe:Natural Selection

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Natural Selection
Rank #3
Leader Videl
Server Name
Dino Ownership Tribe Owned
Dino Taming Tribe Taming
Structure Ownership Tribe Owned
Locks and Pincodes Tribe Locks & PIN Codes
Main Base Location
The Island Topographic Map.jpg
coords: 85° Lat, 50° Lon

We are Natural Selection, we are an individual tribe that responds to no one nor calls to no one. We are PvP driven so don't expect us to be nice if we run into yah, it depends ;). We rule the entire South side of the map so we are very passionate in keeping things under wrap. We do not kill low ranked players, we understand the first steps of playing so we want you to enjoy the gaming experience, but if you provoke us then we will remove you. Have fun, play hard and lets grow together. ~nS

Co-Admin Rex

Admins Doddo, Forey, Brax, and Joker

Our sexy friends : Serious Reign

Top Tribe Leaderboard

  1. 1 Serious Reign
  2. 2 Gargoyles
  3. 3 Natural Selection
  4. 4 Catapoloco
  5. 5 Dark Shoxlin