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About the Server[edit | edit source]

  • Primary Language: English
  • Secondary Langaues: Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Other
  • Protected Metal spawn (entire map)
  • Public metal taming boxes (small, medium and Giga sizes)
  • Public access Green Obilisk bridge system
  • Land access protection for most ravines, rivers and all caves
  • Communal Egg Farm (Public access, small and medium Dinos only)

Information For New Players[edit | edit source]

  • All major mountain sources of metal, obsidian and crystal are protected by The Cooperative.
  • Area along 5050 river east and west side up to swamp is protected from building for meat runs (to farm meat to feed dinos and babies).
  • Building a Better Bob initiative - Fully furnished new player public housing and informational billboards have been set up near most spawn points to help new players before they establish land claims for themselves.
  • Begging for free items and dinos is not encouraged.
  • This is not a new server, as such the majority of beachfront land has already been built on or reserved by other players. Unreserved land is available further up from beaches or onthe North side of the island.
  • A public access Discord is available to use to communicate with established tribes.
  • Minimum time played and level requirements for consideration to join The Cooperative is 100 hours played on our server and Player Level 50 or higher. Discord use is recommended whenever possible. Ask a member in-game for further details.
  • Dino rental system available to TC members (see below). Speak to Goosebumps tribe for details.

Tribe Cooperative (Multi-Tribe Server Governance)[edit | edit source]

  • The Cooperative is a collection of established tribes that have agreed on basic server rules and new player interaction standards to work together to create a better playing environment for members of The Cooperative and the server as a whole.

Policies and Stances for member tribes:

1. Demolishable Base Item Claims. Need before greed (I.E. honor system). When multiple member tribes are present for a base demolish and item claim, after all items are collected the member tribes present should discuss amongst themselves notable loot collected and share based on Need Before Greed basis. Tribes with less or no comparable Blueprints, for example, would find better use out of the items compared to a tribe with some, similar or many of these items. This requires an honor system wherein the tribes state the loot they received honestly. Wealth distribution to more needy member tribes will strengthen the overall Cooperative level.

2. Dino Claims. First come, first claim single dino, remaining dinos need before greed. cooperative claim spam in case non-cooperative competion is present.

3. Main Base Proximity Building & Perimeter Pillar Recommendations. Restrict building within a specific distance from existing member bases (distance to be determined). for purposes of protecting the perimeter, recommend pillar rings out to draw distance from base outter walls.

4. Land reservation. Land with structures such as double pillars but not foundations (unless specific reason they are required) or ceilings to reserve land for future use or to prevent excessive pillar spam from certain players. Members can request pillar movement or removal from other member tribes. Removal of pillars for non members should be handled with care and given to players who have already established a presence on the server. Note that single pillars are removed regularily from the server by WCS administrators.

5. Resource Protection. Double or triple pillars (preferably metal) placed and maintained by active tribes who frequently travel in the area.All metal, crystal and obsidian spawns on mountaintops and mountainsides across entire map should be maintained via pillar protection, ideally putting the most dense concentrations in between 3 sets of pillars in a triangle formation to prevent spawn block griefing (or new players who may not understand block mechanics yet). Trees and other resources can be reserved at members discretion.

6. Waterway Protection. Rivers that can be navigated by raft that lead directly to an ocean should not be blocked (this is in the ARK TOS). If a bridge is desired, recommend elevating a 4 ceiling long pillarless section at least 2 walls high above water line for raft access and small dino transport.

7. Public Facilities Access. Defined as having at least 1 unlocked non-pincoded door or gate. Examples being public taming boxes, taming dropboxes, bob hotels, giga traps, remote area parking boxes or similar should not block land travel to inconvenience other players. These structures should include a billboard indicating its status as public, its purpose, and the current gps coordinates as a minimum. Creating and maintaining such structures is completely voluntary. Suggest creation in areas frequently traveled by to keep structures timers refreshed.

8. Dino Taming Within Member Controlled Land. At the discretion of controlling tribe; assistance for putting down temporary taming boxes, spike rings or similar. All temporary structures should be removed after completion of tame.

9. Dispute Resolution, Internal. All disputes are to be discussed and resolved within Discord to keep drama from spilling into server global chat. Asking for moderation by an impartial 3rd party, or as a witness is recommended if both parties cannot resolve quickly. If moderation is chosen, both parties agree to abide by the moderator's decision.

10. Dispute Resolution, External. Request non-member join Discord and discuss privately. If a resolution is not possible, ask other tribe leaders for assistance.

11. Griefing Players. This is an official TOS server rule, and as such The Cooperative agrees to avoid breaking this rule whenever possible.

12. Cave Access. Restriction on building in such a way as to prevent land access to cave entrance.

13. 5050 River Protection. Maintaining complete pillar coverage of 5050 river from east to west swamp start, including both east and west beaver spawns and beachfront up to 2 pillar control radius from water's edge. Elevated structures exempt. Existing land structures exempt. More detailed information regarding existing structures will be added in future.

14. Base Proximity Dino Spawn Blocking. Area within draw distance of controlling tribes outter walls is unrestricted in terms of dino spawn blocking.

15. Storage in Member Controlled Land. On request, and at controlling tribes discretion, storage such as vaults can be placed within member tribe controlled land. Example would be vaults for storage on mountainside. Thatch foundations with vault on top, then removal of foundations will not block respawn. Care must be taken to not block parking areas or land access. Recommend not building too near resource spawn. Storage and foundations should be supplied by requester, placed by owner. Owner provides unique pin for access. Honor system.

16. Public Outbursts, Disorderly Conduct. Members should try to keep global in-game chat light and as free of drama as possible. Take issues to discord to resolve. Encourage others to do the same.

The Cooperative Member Tribes[edit | edit source]

  • AHAZI Foundertag.pngCreatorTag.png
  • Goosebumps Foundertag.png
  • TooStubborn Foundertag.png
  • Roaming Gnomes Foundertag.png
  • Rui Foundertag.png

Unique Structures[edit | edit source]


Warnings[edit | edit source]

  • South 2 respawn traps (multiple, ticketed April 2017) - Resolved 5/20/2017