Tribe:The Earthworms

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The Earthworms
Tribe Leader: Earthworm Jerry (Criken2)
Server Name: Mr. Moon's ARK
Dino Ownership: Tribe Owned
Dino Taming: Tribe Taming
Structure Ownership: Tribe Owned
Locks and Pincodes: Tribe Locks & Pincodes

The Earthworms is an ARK Tribe led by Earthworm Jerry (Criken2) on Mr. Moon's ARK.

Focus[edit | edit source]

Captures people and uses them for food and fertilizer. At war with Lords of the Hunt; allies with The Kermit Frogs. Base doubles as prison and Earthworm Jerry don't care who ya' are, they will take you and use you as a slave. Sometimes they will even make you go through a fun house of death.