Tribe:West Coast 9 to 5

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West Coast 9 to 5
Small social server using mumble for chat while playing evenings and weekends.
Leader Truth
Server Name
West Coast 9 to 5
Server IP
Dino Ownership tribe owned
Dino Taming 3x
Structure Ownership tribe owned

We are a small group (4-5) of professional adult players looking for others to socialize with and join us for end game content (super caves, boss arenas, etc). Most of us are in the mid 70's level range and starting to stagnate as the leveling is starting to crawl. Looking to breath new life into the server and work towards common goals. The Island is very open still with very little abandoned structures (and those can be torn down if you find one). Server is updated constantly and decisions are made by group consensus (such as considering a mod or change in settings).

Members[edit | edit source]

  • Lee
  • Rhonda
  • Terry
  • Jeff