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Upcoming Features

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This is a list of known features that are going to be coming to ARK: Survival Evolved.

Note to Editors: Only post new features with a reference to the source (link to dev-post etc.). Otherwise they will be deleted.


  • Gaslight lanterns[1]
  • Indoor lighting[2]
  • Some light tier between standing torch/lamppost[2]
  • Flashlight[3]
  • Reinforced Stone Box[4]
  • Hitching Posts and Leashes (maybe)[5]
  • Tek Tier[5]
    • Surveillance equipment[6]
    • Cloaking Devices[5]
    • Multi-HUD Visor (magnifying glass for the distance, maybe with more stat-infos)[7]
  • Wall banners (Flags hanging from walls) [8]


  • Heat vision[9]
  • Shotgun beanbag ammo[10]
  • Warhorn[4]
  • Electrical Keyboard[11]
  • Xylophone[12]


  • Knives[1]
  • Colored Smoke Grenade[4]
  • Disease trap[13]
  • Tripwire doors[13]
  • Tek Tier
    • Plasma Sabers[8]
    • Laser Trip wire[13]
    • EMP-weapon to disable electrical devices[7]
  • Torpedoes[14]
  • Chemical weapons such as chlorine and mustard gas[14]

Armor / Clothing

  • Dinosaur armor[9]
    • Dino mounted cannons for primitive[12]
    • More dino mounted plasma weapons for Tek Tier[12]
  • The ability to add armor to the Training Dummy[15]


  • Half-walls[1]
  • Colorization pass on older structures[10]
  • Flipping Sloped Walls Upside Down[12]
  • Wall mounted coel for base decoration[16]
  • Dynamic-Length Bridges (first announced for v245 but then deferred)
  • sleeping in beds feature [17]


  • Bread and Jam[9]
  • Laxatives[18]
  • Coffee[16]



  • More underwater harvestables[16]
  • More seeds, and making seeds only appear in certain biomes[6]


  • Additional caverns and biome development for The Center[13]
  • Sunken Obelisk with underwater boss[16]


  • Hail, thunderstorms and other weather cycles[1]
  • Maybe a rough sea[4]

Game mechanics

  • Mechanized transportation system[10]
  • Potential airships/airship bases[10]
  • Naming items[19]
  • Carrying weapon and torch together[13]
  • Tribe-leveling[9]
  • Alliance chat (already in game) and rankings/privileges[13]
  • Localized injuries and bleeding (and bandages)[20]
  • Hold breath while in scope function[18]
  • Ability to stop babies from growing(Tek Tier)[18]
  • Craft from remote-inventories (i.e. using resources of a storagebox directly instead of transfer them first)[21]
  • Auto Flight/Run key[22]
  • Hide learned engrams option[22]
  • More creature tracking options[23]
  • Use of map/GPS while mounted on water creatures[23]


  • Carnivores more active at dusk and dawn[2]
  • A fix to Pteranodon's spazzy nature[2]
  • The Carbonemys will have the ability to retract into their shells[6]
  • Possible sibling boost[18]
  • Alarm Trap can cycle aggression on nearby dinos[18]
  • Vertical water leaps on some creatures[18]
  • Possible breeding stat[16]
  • Dino support of arbitrary gear[23]


  • Roaring feature for all dinosaurs[2]
  • Skewering attack for Trike[12]
  • Sound pass[24]


  • Footprints[9]
  • Different sounds for walking on different surfaces[6]


For specific creatures see the section of Unreleased Creatures at the Dino Dossiers.

  • Alpha herbivores[9]
  • More cold-climate creatures revealed[13]


  • A skittish command for creatures[6]
  • Improved server browser[10]
  • Separate use key while mounted[23]



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