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Oregon, United States

Gamepedia Wiki Manager, primarily working on ARK Survival Evolved wiki

If you wish to contact me, whether for a question, concern, or disagreement, you can leave a comment below, leave a message on my Talk Page (remember to sign your post with ~~~~), or message me through one of the links listed above, on my ARK Community Hub profile, by Emailing me, or on Discord (Mr Pie 5#7942). Please keep in mind that wiki admins are not game admins; I can help with problems on this wiki, and may be able to offer advice about your game, but I have no more power over the game itself than you do.

I also have a bot who likes to do repetitive tasks: MrBot5. If you think you have a job that would be good for him, let me know.

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Hello, I can't make the Basilisk Scale (Scaglia del Basilisco) icon appear on this page: I make this redirect: but where i wrong? I had done it yesterday.

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I guess double redirects don't work. Also the link in the comment was in the main namespace, a "File:" was missing. I think I fixed it.

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