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The Wayward Wolf

New York, United States

I make edits in the hopes of improving and expanding the ARK and ATLAS Wikis. Occasionally, I make mistakes so feel free to reach out to me and/or correct my mistakes.

Contact me through profile comments or via my talk page but please note that neither me or any other wiki editor will be able to help you with any issues/problems related to in-game drama or any other issues that do not concern the wiki.

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Hey the Neutral Temperament, was originally a section seperate from others called: 'Neutral'. The only thing I did was organize all the sections in the page.

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I removed it because I realized that no creatures were in that list.

Avatar for Terronscibe

Okay. Just checking. I wasn't for sure either.

Avatar for Bossmob

Don't remove info that is both essential and missing.

Avatar for The Wayward Wolf

Well your addition was false, the trophy does stay in the inventory upon respawn.

Avatar for Bossmob

It does not as your character gets uploaded and the trophy cannot be transferred that way. Which is a known problem: Tested today and still accurate

Avatar for The Wayward Wolf

If that's the case I'll add it as a note.

Avatar for Bossmob

Thanks, would be a shame if more people lost their trophies when they could be warned.

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Hey I was wondering if you could add passive tame to the infoboxes of Coelacanth, Lamprey, Piranha, Sabertooth Salmon, Leech and Trilobite. Because using the Fish Basket on them counts as passive taming.

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I told you what happened with the posting, the problem with the and the mistake with posting. And I haven't heard from you for awhile.

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I am just expecting something nice. Because I would reply back to be kind. You seem to be rude.

Avatar for The Wayward Wolf

I didn't know what to say, I figured the conversation should end.

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Alright I will end the conversation with this. Your reply made me think about i

I probably shouldn't ever ask you for help again. That is how I will end this my final comment to you.

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