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Western Coast - North
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The Northern part of the Western Coast stretches from the frozen inlet at the northern end up to the center of the Western Plains. above-water oil deposits and Crystals can also be found in the northernmost parts of the Western Coast

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Northern part of the Western Coast stretches from the frozen inlet at the northern end passing by a settle waterfall with flat landscape making for a nice location for a base bridging over the river, moving southwards some outcrops can be found with a well sized flat landscape with tropical beach residing at the base of the outcrop and the dense forest behind making wood and stone collection easy in the area further south an arch can be found for a scenic location.

Surroundings[edit | edit source]

The northernmost part of the Western Coast is close enough to the Grand Hills where Metal can be easily harvested using any of the flying Creatures available on the Western Coast

Creatures[edit | edit source]

Common[edit | edit source]

Uncommon[edit | edit source]

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Resources[edit | edit source]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

Settler's notes # 1: The West is a treacherous place. Beautiful beaches, cliffs and rivers, densely populated forests and mountains. Medium to high level creatures roam the area, so definitely not suited for beginners.

Settler's notes # 2: With the new update, more alpha Dinos (raptors and even rexes) are sighted near the western approach river.

Settler's note #3: There's a few metal stones near the river and beach. But you'll have to travel long distances to get it for massive production, the safest way is to travel up north following the river to the volcano. Again not a beginner's trip, so team up with tribesmen of get yourself a couple of dinosaur bodyguards.

Settler's note #4: The West(ern) Coast map resembles the Carlifornia's peninsula which in real life is formed by the estates of Baja California in Mexico and California in the United States.