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Western Coast - South
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The southern part of the Western Coast stretches from the southern-most obelisk to the center of the Western Plains

Overview[edit | edit source]

The southern part of the Western Coast is mostly tropical beach with a narrow but long bay. With very few carnivorous creatures spawning on the outer bay, making it a perfect location for beginners starting out for the first time however as there are spawn locations in the direct vicinity raiding can be a big concern on PVP servers, with mostly herbivores and occasionally a Dilophosaur or two spawning in the area making for an easy supply of meat and Hide, there is also a small Lagoon located at the top of the outer bay for a save source of water. The waters of the bay hosts allot of Coelacanth but also Megapiranha so venturing deep can be dangerous for newly spawned players. Moving down the main coast line is a moderately safe area that borders the Southern Jungle that may have stray creatures from the Jungle. But mostly hosts herbivores and venturing Trilobites making the Southern part of the Western Coast an easy starting position for beginners on PVE servers.

Surroundings[edit | edit source]

At the very southern tip of the Western Coast is a small island, cut off from the mainland by two channels that connect the red obelisk's moat to the sea. Despite forming part of the obelisk's rock encirclement, the island does not connect to the obelisk's platform. The island is near spawn areas, but spawning onto the island itself is extremely rare. Plus, aside from an occasional Dilophosaur, carnivores don't appear to spawn on the island. A Megalodon does often spawn within the obelisk's moat and Megapiranha can spawn in the wider channel separating it from Cragg's Island, keeping random travelers to a minimum. Basic resources are readily available and the smooth stones that permeate the nearby obelisk ramps provide sufficient metal for low-tier crafting. In short, the island acts as an excellent haven from many of the hazards of ARK, especially good for new survivors.

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