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Xbox 800.20

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Released - July 9th, 2020

  • Fixed an exploit related to the Railgun
  • Fixed an exploit related to Shoulder Cannon
  • MEKs can now harvest corpses with their swords
  • Reduced TEK Generator enemy foundation check radius in PvE
  • Rollrat passengers are no longer killed when the Rollrat rolls
  • Begin 'Mating' has now been moved back to the standard tick (should eliminate the delay in creatures starting to mate)
  • TEK Sensor settings should not restart after loading a saved game
  • Removed some unusable items from the Mission Loot Tables
  • Added TEK Trike and Ice Golem to the recoverable cryo array so that they can be cryo'd and used on Genesis specifically
  • Additional Hexagon Loot Crate protection to prevent them from being unopened upon purchase
  • Fixed some cases where the Rock Drake was able to shoot at turrets but not be targeted itself
  • Megalechon dermis now works on the Large Taxidermy Base
  • HLNA skin will now respect the 'disable default survivor item' options in the client
  • Added `BabyImprintAmountMultiplier` as an additional game.ini config for globally tuning imprinting.
    • Multiplier applied to the percentage each imprints provide. For example, if an imprint usually give 8%, setting this multiplier to 0.5 means they would now give 4% each. While setting it to 2.0 means they would now give 16% each, etc. This multiplier is global, meaning it will affect the imprinting progression of every species
  • Further tweaks to logic used in shooting desync exploit fix
  • Fixed another bug that would have prevented data from being written to the cloud when transferring characters (Official Only).
  • Prevented unclaimed dinos from breeding
  • Prevented baby dinos from auto-harvesting
  • Fixed element pool not restoring element for TEK equipment