Yurt (Primitive Plus)

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Yurt (Primitive Plus).png
A temporary tent to shelter that acts as a foundation.
Type Building
Health 7,000
Weight 4.0
Stack Size 100
Added in v1.4 (Primitive Plus)
Spawn Command
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/PrimitivePlusMod/Items/PrimalItemStructure_Yurt.PrimalItemStructure_Yurt'" 1 0 0
Required level Level 47
Engram Points 15 EP
Crafting XP 18.6 XP
Crafting Time 5s
Required Stations Tanning Rack (Primitive Plus).png Tanning Rack
75 × Leather (Primitive Plus).png Leather
100 × Fiber.png Fiber
25 × Beeswax (Primitive Plus).png Beeswax Primitive Plus Icon.png

Description[edit | edit source]

A tent-like structure that can be placed/picked up. Also allows for placing some structures. Similar to a Tent but much more spacious.

Note[edit | edit source]

  • Any beds, crafting stations, storage will be destroyed if you pick up the Yurt.
  • Can be placed on Wooden Raft, Motorboat and platform saddles.
  • If part of the floor is above the ground or foundation, a player's character can get into the Yurt through the floor.
  • The Yurt is absolutely OP when dealing with environmental problems and taming animals. With 7k HP, it can tank most animals until you tranq them, and since there is no cooldown on how many you can place at a time, you can place a stack of them in seconds if you have experience.
  • The Yurt can fit any tame below the Therizenosaurus including Basillisaurus, Megalodon, and even Griffins. If it is Terror Bird or Raptor sized, it can fit through the door, so watch out. If done well, a Yurt user can even catch leaping Kaprosuchus in them before they hurt you. To effectively tame things that can walk out of it, put the door at the slope of a hill, or slightly inside of something so you can get in.
  • If you are experienced on using yurts defensively and offensively, you can disorient other players if out in the open, since it can't be placed within structure limits. Simply throw it down as they approach, with it turned, run inside and attack. You can also use a second yurt to trap them inside, making a sort of prison while you prepare for the next round of attacks.
  • Yurts can be placed on most cliffsides, providing a quick place to land your bord and recuperate, by placing it around you. You can then set up a small crafting post to process your materials before picking it up and going on your way. This versatile placement ability makes it extremely dangerous for players in the water without a good weapon, as it can trap them in and drown them.
  • Their unique material cost discourages most people from pursuing them, since bees are a hard thing to tame if you aren't careful.