Zip-Line Anchor (Aberration)

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Zip-Line Anchor
Zip-Line Anchor (Aberration).png
Apply onto a Crossbow to fire Zip-Line anchor points. Use two anchor points to complete a Zip-Line, which you can then grab onto
Type Ammunition
Ammo for Crossbow
Weight 0.05
Stack Size 100
Single use Yes
Added in v285.104
Spawn Command
cheat GFI ZipLine 1 0 0
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Aberration/CoreBlueprints/Weapons/PrimalItemAmmo_Zipline.PrimalItemAmmo_Zipline'" 1 0 0
Required level Level 31
Engram Points 8 EP
Crafting XP 0.1 XP
Crafting Time 1s
Crafted in Smithy
Argentavis Saddle
Castoroides Saddle
Thorny Dragon Saddle Scorched Earth Icon.png
Tek Replicator
Required Stations Refining Forge.png Refining Forge
Resources breakdown [Expand]
2 × Stone Arrow.png Stone Arrow
4 × Thatch.png Thatch
4 × Fiber.png Fiber
2 × Flint.png Flint
100 × Fiber.png Fiber
Total Base Ingredients

The Zip-Line Anchor is a mobility tool in the Aberration DLC of ARK: Survival Evolved.

Construction[edit | edit source]

To create a Zip-Line, load an Anchor into a Crossbow and fire at any surface within a reasonable distance. Immediately afterwards, fire another Anchor at a spot above or below the first Anchor to create the Zip-Line between the two anchors.

When firing the second Anchor, a dot indicates where the zip-line can be created. If the dot is green, a zip-line can be created between the first anchor and the target point, if the dot is red, the zip-line can't be created between these points.

Anchor points can be placed under water but the line cannot be mounted under water. You can use a zipline that has one anchor under water but you are detached from the line upon entering the water, even if using the Zip-Line Motor Attachment Aberration Icon.png.

Usage[edit | edit source]

To descend a zip-line, press E, Y, Triangle while standing at the top of the zip-line. To ascend a zip-line, you need to use a Zip-Line Motor Attachment Aberration Icon.png.

Your view is fixed in the forward direction and you cannot use weapons while using a zip-line unless you are using the Zip-Line Motor Attachment.

You can jump while on the zip-line to detach and boost yourself upwards. This means that the end of your zip-line can be at the top of the side of a cliff or structure and you can get on top of the cliff or structure.

Creatures on Zip-Lines[edit | edit source]

Ravager can climb on zip-lines, unless the zip-line is too steep (both upwards and downwards). Similarly, Gigantopithecus can climb on zip-lines, but cannot jump towards other nearby zip-lines; it has to be at land to jump onto any climbable zip-lines.

Notes[edit | edit source]