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For a description of Beacons / Supply Crates / Loot Drops see

Supply crates can be spawned with the Summon command much like dinosaurs. To summon a map specific beacon, you have to be on the corresponding map.
To summon a Beacon, you would enter the command:

admincheat summon <BeaconID>

A White Beacon, for example, would be:

admincheat summon SupplyCrate_Level03_C 
The Island
Description Entity ID
Cave Beacon 1 SupplyCrate_Cave_QualityTier1_C
Cave Beacon 2 SupplyCrate_Cave_QualityTier2_C
Cave Beacon 3 SupplyCrate_Cave_QualityTier3_C
Cave Beacon 4 SupplyCrate_Cave_QualityTier4_C
Swamp Cave Loot Crate blue SupplyCrate_SwampCaveTier1_C
Swamp Cave Loot Crate yellow SupplyCrate_SwampCaveTier2_C
Swamp Cave Loot Crate red SupplyCrate_SwampCaveTier3_C
Ice Cave Loot Crate blue SupplyCrate_IceCaveTier1_C
Ice Cave Loot Crate yellow SupplyCrate_IceCaveTier2_C
Ice Cave Loot Crate red SupplyCrate_IceCaveTier3_C
Underwater Caves Loot Crate blue SupplyCrate_UnderwaterCaveTier1_C
Underwater Caves Loot Crate yellow SupplyCrate_UnderwaterCaveTier2_C
Underwater Caves Loot Crate red SupplyCrate_UnderwaterCaveTier3_C
Deep Sea Loot Crate SupplyCrate_OceanInstant_C
White Beacon SupplyCrate_Level03_C
White Beacon (Double items) SupplyCrate_Level03_Double_C
Green Beacon SupplyCrate_Level15_C
Green Beacon (Double items) SupplyCrate_Level15_Double_C
Blue Beacon SupplyCrate_Level25_C
Blue Beacon (Double items) SupplyCrate_Level25_Double_C
Purple Beacon SupplyCrate_Level35_C
Purple Beacon (Double items) SupplyCrate_Level35_Double_C
Yellow Beacon SupplyCrate_Level45_C
Yellow Beacon (Double items) SupplyCrate_Level45_Double_C
Red Beacon SupplyCrate_Level60_C
Red Beacon (Double items) SupplyCrate_Level60_Double_C
Artifact Container Hunter ArtifactCrate_1_C
Artifact Container Pack ArtifactCrate_2_C
Artifact Container Massive ArtifactCrate_3_C
Artifact Container Devious ArtifactCrate_4_C
Artifact Container Clever ArtifactCrate_5_C
Artifact Container Skylord ArtifactCrate_6_C
Artifact Container Devourer ArtifactCrate_7_C
Artifact Container Immune ArtifactCrate_8_C
Artifact Container Strong ArtifactCrate_9_C
Artifact Container Cunning ArtifactCrate_10_C
Artifact Container Brute ArtifactCrate_11_C
Scorched Earth
Description Entity ID
Cave Beacon 1 SupplyCrate_Cave_QualityTier1_ScorchedEarth_C
Cave Beacon 2 SupplyCrate_Cave_QualityTier2_ScorchedEarth_C
Cave Beacon 3 SupplyCrate_Cave_QualityTier3_ScorchedEarth_C
White Beacon SupplyCrate_Level03_ScorchedEarth_C
White Beacon (Double items) SupplyCrate_Level03_Double_ScorchedEarth_C
Green Beacon SupplyCrate_Level15_ScorchedEarth_C
Green Beacon (Double items) SupplyCrate_Level15_Double_ScorchedEarth_C
Blue Beacon SupplyCrate_Level30_ScorchedEarth_C
Blue Beacon (Double items) SupplyCrate_Level30_Double_ScorchedEarth_C
Purple Beacon SupplyCrate_Level45_ScorchedEarth_C
Purple Beacon (Double items) SupplyCrate_Level45_Double_ScorchedEarth_C
Yellow Beacon SupplyCrate_Level55_ScorchedEarth_C
Yellow Beacon (Double items) SupplyCrate_Level55_Double_ScorchedEarth_C
Red Beacon SupplyCrate_Level70_ScorchedEarth_C
Red Beacon (Double items) SupplyCrate_Level70_Double_ScorchedEarth_C
Artifact Container Destroyer ArtifactCrate_SE_C
Artifact Container Gatekeeper ArtifactCrate_2_SE_C
Artifact Container Crag ArtifactCrate_3_SE_C
Description Entity ID
Treasure Chest SupplyCrate_Chest_Treasure_JacksonL_C