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Obsidian Legion

ObLegion HD BG.png

Cave runs, boss battles, and more...

Leader Gregind
Server Name
Obsidian Legion - Island [x5 TAME][x5 XP]
Dino Ownership Tribe
Dino Taming Tribe
Structure Ownership Tribe
Locks and Pincodes Tribe


We are set up to get rid of the grind without getting rid of the challenge. We are aiming for the end-game ascension which means lots of caves, bosses, and subsequently harvesting, taming, breeding, and crafting.

How to join

Post a message in #tribe_initiates on our Discord server and one of the admins will get back with you when they are on (regularly in the evening, eastern time and occasionally throughout the day). You will need to have a reliable mic.

Expectations once joined

We don't have an elaborate hierarchy like some. As long as you contribute to hunting, gathering, breeding, building, etc. you're considered part of the tribe.

Server Info

Server rules

  • Do not block-
    - Cave entrances
    - Resource spawns
    - Obelisks
  • No offline raiding (disabled in server settings)
  • Clean language only in global chat & Discord


Taming x5
Harvest x5
XP x5
Breeding x10


Mod ID Name Description
731604991 Structures Plus The Ultimate Building Mod!
764755314 Castles, Keeps and Forts Medieval architecture
749466101 Advanced Rafts Advanced Rafts, Sails and more for ship building
725398419 Snappy Saddles Snap points for building on platform saddles
764317899 Re-Fertilizer Revisited Improved versions of the Re-Fertilizer
719928795 Platforms Plus Tree platforms with snap points for perimeter walls & more
779897534 Platforms Anywhere Constructs 30 different structures that will support a tree platform
708807240 Pillars Plus Fully adjustable pillars.
722649005 Redwoods Anywhere Grow redwoods and 13 other trees anywhere!
793605978 Super Spyglass If a spyglass and a magnifying glass had a baby...
630601751 Resoruce Stacks Increases max stack size, Weights halved (primal items)
760880376 SE Resource Stacks Increases max stack size, Weights halved (SE items)
823422953 Hunger Tranq Tranq that drops food for quick taming
889745138 Awesome Teleporters! Build teleporter pads for quick travel.
821530042 Upgrade station Allows you to upgrade the quality of weapons, armor, tools, and saddles
776649212 Wyvern Cheese Craftable to prevent Wyvern milk spoilage.
814727665 Improved Refirigerator A fridge that allows all perishable items to be stored inside.
751991809 Death Recovery Mod Craft "A Personal Grave" where you instantly recover your death cache on respawn.
558079412 ACM Command interface used by Admins to monitor server activity
554678442 Egg N Poop Collector Added to assist in the breeding program
870709781 Dino Pick Up Mod - v1.11 Convenience of dino transport on your shoulder. Also hilarious.


  • Gregind (Tribe leader, Admin)
  • Azrael (Co-Admin)
  • Akivarian (Co-admin)
  • jeflint
  • Denzetti
  • AForceThree
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